Johanna Bruckner

solo project at the CAC Centre Art Contemporain, 1 - 31 March 2019, 5th floor.

Curated by Francesco Urbano Ragazzi.

Molecular Ghosts of Love by Johanna Bruckner alludes to a new possible level of exchange in the vertical world of transactions. The return of affections in a codified environment. A digital effect surrounds the bodies of a group of dancers, protecting and polluting them like an atmospheric dust. Like a new face filter, a body filter. The ghost filter. Yet this dust are the those particles that are alluding to a new internet. With Six Doors, the curator duo Francesco Urbano Ragazzi presents six videos that explore the materiality of images and the fundamental reorientation from horizontal to vertical now conveyed by social networks.

This work is based on Bruckner’s research on post-monetary value production. New cryptocurrencies work on the basis of gift exchange and mutual dependencies and their tokenless value productions are equivalent to the operation of affective forces. What kinds of affective zones are we capable of producing in the future via new technology and how can their values be redistributed? How can gift giving become a polymorphic structure of mutual support, which alters the exchange based forms of gift giving as economic instruments; and capital’s exploitation of our desires with affects‘ potential of indeterminacy? Can we think of gift giving as polymorphic movements in order to acess these new infrastructural transformations and their manifestiations as queer ecologies? The video’s sound track supports these propositions to become tangible.