Johanna Bruckner

In Screened Bodies performers stage how specific affections are put in motion by their digital devices or smartphones, and teach each other skills to intensify/“accumulate“ enjoyment and pleasure based on „machinic interaction“. The instructions developed by the performers emphasize on comfort
as realms of security; developed in three sections such as the symptom of skilling superficial comfort, second, the institute of radicalizing splitted recognition, and third, the symptom of expanding exhausted digital pleasure. The movements, which are created by performers who are currently in education to contemporary dance are accompanied with a reenactment of scores from the revolutionary dance movement.

This work is based on ongoing re- search on dance as a political, social and queer voice; interested in choreography as an organizing principle for social subjec- tivity. Shown in a video installation or live performance.

We see bodies in constellations of mostly three people: One plays digital technology, one plays themselves, and, if active, the third person plays the resistance (trying to prevent the technology having total con- trol over the body).