Johanna Bruckner

Real Time Auction as Utopia establishes dance scores which tap into the algorithmic architectures that govern (real-time) civic movement, while simultaneously rearranging the logistics of relationality into one of social agency. A physically staged video game is based on situational references, data circulation in port cities, surveillance - and monitoring scandals and the role of organized labour. Collective in-depth research with the performers shapes form and direction.

The performance at Migros Museum für Gegenwartskunst is influenced by the logistical structure of the art institution and its potential capacity for action.

The background / furniture is Olaf Nicolai's installation, and the posters refer to Migrosmuseum's exhibition history, installed in the main room in the beginning of 2017.

Many thanks to Alena Nawrotzki (Migros Museum, Public Program), Pascal Utz (choreographic assistance), Ewelina Guzik (performer), Yannik Lüdemann (camera), Maxim Ritzi (sound), Dorothee Richter and Ronald Kolb, students of the Postgraduate Program in Curating, ZHdK, Migros Museum für Gegenwartskunst, Zurich University of the Arts.

Video on request.