Johanna Bruckner

Quantum Brittle Stars

The complex entanglement of bodies, sex, technology, and plastics is the subject of Johanna Bruckner’s dance and media performance Sym-poetic Desires. A speculative sex robot is proposed through physical enactment in a polyrhythmic cyberspace aimed at queering technology-led world views of intimate relations. The bot stores information and its subsequent actions are based on training, which generates data-scapes of pleasure, redefining access and connection within computing. The emerging data-scape promotes polygamy, polymorphism and micro-political viruses.

The performance and video installation Quantum Brittle Stars generates perspectives on the human body, intimacy, and emotional states triggered by the continuous transformation of technology. Which modes of desire, which ideas of corporeality and interaction are appropriate given the ever-closer ties between humans and technology, human and non-human entities? What are the scopes of action in a technicized world? Over the course of the performance four performers interact with one another and develop movement patterns that resemble situations of mutual affinity; the bodies seem to merge in a fluid and poetic way, yet their interactive constellations remain polymorphous. A specially composed sound piece structures the performance and video installation.


Fotos: - Joanna Pianka 

Performers: Elma Mateva, Louise Trueheart, Giulia Franceschini, Evan Loxton

Digital postproduction: Annkathrin Kluss

Production/Design of objects: Christin Rothe