Johanna Bruckner


30 seconds video | sound

Today's aesthetic economies have increasingly valorized the erotic body. In this age of cosmological disasters and pandemic agents, Bruckner uses speculative Science Fiction as a catalyst to imagine worlds that allow us to live with the synthetic, toxic and more-than-human order of the present-day reality. Interested in, as Susan Sontag writes, "how utopia can be imagined or experienced affectively, in small, incremental moments that proximity can provide", Py Lava Sci-Fi is a collage of Dark Room Sci-Fi, queer pornography and the social bonds of extra-terrestrial bodies. 

As a near-inexhaustible source of transformational energy, the bodies that are rendered in the app exceed bodily boundaries through erotic estrangement, whose collective individuation strives toward uncontrollable relationality. These crystallizations of bodies are caused by the terrestrial dark rooms, the forces and traces of light energy and planetary winds. They allow us to imagine temporalities in which agency explodes from the implosions between matter, atmosphere and indeterminate queer desire. Towards an imagined, un-achieved future of pleasures and intimacies, grounded in a flawed, imperfect present.