Johanna Bruckner


Installation with objects, silicon (often shown together with Crushpad Climax). 


Deriving from the materials used in AI- based post-pornography, these silicone composites embody the waste of that net porn data that dissipates, becomes lost, and/or fails because it is outside the spectrum of the usable. I investigate this non-existent data in its vibrating aggregates of waste in invisible transition. At the same time, objects of sexual pleasure are chemically linked to the very plastics that, in their molecular texture, make sexual indifferences possible. Through the perpetual bending of and movement among and between human, animal, technology, sex, and atmosphere, queer new worlds are inadvertently being birthed from the human quest for alien, synthetic pleasures. Understood as a post-digital substance that continuously fuses connections of digital and virtual, these objets are a corporeality beyond its human limits, as an abstract mass in dissolution.