Johanna Bruckner

Crush Pad Lava

HD/4K 2-channel-video installation


Bruckner understands net pornography in terms of its affectively interwoven corporeality, formed between sensation, technology and labour within the internet. The principal element in her new multimedia installation is the net porn data that dissipates, becomes lost, and fails because it is outside the spectrum of the usable. Aggregating these „non-existent“ data into corporealities of transition, Bruckner’s collage, in which she collaborates with performer and choreographer Kihako Narisawa, envisions the potential of digital failure as a refusal to submit to contemporary „dataveillance“ society. These bodies propose the conditions for a trans-corporeal experiences and their infrastructures as they are no longer inserted into the production process as mechanical human engines forced to move to the rhythm of the machine, the internet. Rather, they are born of assemblage of data crumbs, cybernetic rupture, as material-social assemblages, which embody prosthetic forms of cyber struggles, Dark Room sci-fi, and the social bonds of extra-terrestrial bodies.