Johanna Bruckner

Interest in the most ‘intelligent’ possible management of the district’s infrastructure is being tested by the introduction of new monitoring systems in Hafencity. The concept of logistics is becoming increasingly central- ized, to enable the co-ordination of digital and social interactions. In Total Algorithms of Partiality dance scores examining the potential of an altered social logistics in Hamburg’s Hafencity are developed, during the course of which I look at the current role of the contemporary labour organisation and its possible course of action as it is confronted with the controversial develop- ments in Hamburg’s Hafencity. What stance does the trade union take in relation to the complex, unstable situation in the new ‘ghost town’ and what forms of co-operative resistance are set in motion? The moving, performing bodies in my work develop scores of their own algorithms – bodily codes that are alien to the monitoring system within which they are articulated. They thus create a new contemporary logis- tics and demand differentiated forms of current working structures.

This video is an excerpt.