Johanna Bruckner

Body Conference
HD audio video installation, 34 min, colour, sound, loop, projection on 4,2 x 2,4 meters.

Performers investigate subjectivisation processes between self-assertion and 'self-exhaustion' in relation to their phone. "Empty happiness and addiction“ are the paradoxical key concepts upon which a few symptoms are identified: The symptom of instituted care and faith, the symptom of the creativisation of exhaustion, and the symptom of post-conceptual touch. The play is hosted by the institute of the radicalisation of feminine technology. During the rehearsals the performers invent new subjectivities based on the disrupted self caused by the 'affective machine' they melt with.

The description of mentioned symptoms are additionally mounted onto the wall next to the projection.

This work is part of the circuit of work by me ("The Observant Participators") which is supported by the Austrian Ministry for Art (bmukk).

Link to text: BODY CONVERSATIONS. Subjectivation, ‘emotional objects’ and the economy of desire.