Johanna Bruckner

This work shows dance scores that examine the geopolitical connections of the digital logistical infrastructure developed by software companies such as SAP and Cisco and installed in Hamburg’s HafenCity. This software is tested in the warfare of the global South, for example in the Gaza Strip.

The dance scores created by the performers on HafenCity’s baseball field are basic patterns for target data development. At the same time, they remind us of the climate of invisible warfare in which new urban development projects take place. Each overlap – a new bodily constellation – confuses the sensory technology with its intimate, corporeal agency of embodied transport – the agency of social elevation. The dance scores symbolize transport scores and remind us of the necessity of collective agencies within lives that are determined by military logistics.


Poem from three citizens -
Poem from work in the military
(an excerpt)

In contrast to airspace,
land has become less valuable in Hamburg’s HafenCity.

"Cisco Networking Academy courses at military bases
have helped more than 73,000 military personnel
develop information technology (IT) skills since 1997".

The baseball field – in front of the house –
as a shooting range
surrounded by urban warfare,
backlit by a military warzone;
the atmospheres of HafenCity.

The software is tested and developed by Cisco
through field trips
in the Gaza strip.

Our movemets serve the basic patterns
for target data developement.
We are those bodies that are feedbacking
between Gaza and HafenCity.

"Whether you are an active duty servicemember,
transitioning military, or a veteran, Cisco Certifications
can translate your military IT experience
into a credential that is widely recognized
and respected in military,
government, and civilian careers".

Baaken Quarter, Hamburg.
Our bodies – as houses – are no longer vehicles for investment.
Former warehouses and shipyard buildings have been demolished,
bodies are structural components and variables -
the agency of horizontal elevation.

"Certifications validate skills necessary for various job roles
and also provide a competitive differentiator for employers,
in and out of the military.
Several options and programs exist to defray costs (see below)".

Offices are vertical;
labour a penthouse complex;
digital labour with a view.
Money is built as verticality.

Rolling to mark the city’s plans for corporate housing.
Sensing new housing space.
Sensory arrangement offers us ways to hack into the building.
Unsettling variables of manufactured ground.

"Military hiring events use Cisco-funded Futures, Inc.
technology to pre-match candidates to jobs,
employer review of candidates and interviews".

House 91, Lohsepark Quarter
A planned social housing complex is
surrounded by an invisible fence.
(The fence of historic division between the duty-free city
and the domestic economy).

"Military veterans bring valuable skills, experience,
and qualifications to the civilian workforce.
The Cisco Veterans Program partners to scale positive,
inclusive social and economic impact for US veterans.
These initiatives are focused on raising the awareness
of the value of hiring a veteran and creating IT training
and employment programs that leverage scalable training
and technology aligned to their needs".

Each overlap - a new bodily constellation -
confuses the sensory technology; by the fence
we sense only our intimate, corporeal agency;
embodied transport - the agency of social elevation.

Quoted Text: Cisco (