Johanna Bruckner

„Experiments in Connecting“ is conceived as a series of intimate and lively discussions and practices which take the exhibition as
a medium to work in. Rather than a formal congress format in the established setting of a conference, Experiments in Connecting develops around informal chats be- tween the artist and others she will meet during various openings she is attending during her MFA studies, thus fostering a kind of exchange, in which the edification of the artist as a socializing subject herself is pivotal to the presentation of the objects she is surrounded by.

In the widely recognized and established working method of participant obser- vation in cultural- and social anthropology the observer researches while participating through sheer presence, without verbal language. These speculative-cognitive frameworks for exchange on site have since long served valid knowledge in the social sciences and produce meaning in process beyond classified matters of creating scientific value. The artist in Experiments in Connecting positions herself as a participant observer in the framework of the exhibition opening and explores and plays with the boundaries of being at work, while participating in the socially engaging and performative practices that constitute an opening.

Approaching those participatory forms of observation under the sign of labor, when and how does cognitive work organize (collective) action? Put different: how does a group affect individual agency, and vice versa? The observation of the field is furthermore focused on the aspects in which a school is transforming into an exhibition by which the different scenes and atmospheres of the various local studios transform into an event.

Notes are taken from the experiences on site.