Johanna Bruckner

January 19 2024

London, Whitechapel, Studio grant, Landis & Gyr Foundation, August - January 2024

October 18 2023

CCA Radius, Radical Sympoisis: The Social Life of Microbes. Opening 02/09-19/11

October 18 2023


August 2 2023

10/08/23 Bienial Sur, Buenos Aires

May 8 2023

Kunstbulletin 05/23: Focus report on Johanna Bruckners work

May 5 2023

CERN Connect Residency award 2023 for Johanna Bruckner

April 29 2023

Pax Art Awards Show, HeK, House of Electronic Arts, Basel

December 14 2022

Medienkunstpreis der Stadt Wien / Media Art Awards Vienna 2022 for Johanna Bruckner

September 28 2022

Erste Bank MehrWERT Kunstpreis Solo Exhibition, Johanna Bruckner: BOYNCIANA, opening 22/09/2022, Kunstverein das weisse Haus, Vienna

July 4 2022

Pax Art Award 2022 recipient during Art Basel

May 16 2022

Erste Bank MehrWERT Kunstpreis 2022 // Erste Bank ExtraValue Art Award recipient 2022

February 25 2022

BERLINISCHE GALERIE: Johanna Bruckner 2.3.-28.3.2022, IBB Videoraum

August 2 2021

SCHIRN KUNSTHALLE FRANKFURT - SCHIRN MAG - Essay on my work: "About the Resistance of our Bodies"

January 6 2022

SUB·RS 20.01.2022 – 20.01.2023 @ Plicnik

Johanna Bruckner - Natasha Tontey - Zach Blas - DISNOVATION.ORG - Gary Zhexi Zhang

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June 30 2021

Metropolis M - read the review on new work

March 25 2021

FLASH ART INTERNATIONAL: Review on my work: Sex and Desire in the age of artificial intelligence

June 20 2021

Haus Konstruktiv, Zürich, Werkschau 2021

June 18 2021

MAXXI Museum of Contemporary Art, Studio Miscetti, Video screening, June 2021

June 2 2021

Kunsthalle Exnergasse, Wien. love and other rhythms. Performance July 2021

June 2 2021

LAGO MIO, Lugano, Artist-in-Residence "Final presentation", exhibition

May 22 2021

ICA Milano, Trovate Ortensia. Opening 06/05/21

May 22 2021

Mediterranea 19, Young Artists Biennial, San Marino

June 4 2021

Swissnex San Francisco, 26 May, Swissnex San Francisco, Screening and conversation on Crush Pad Lava

February 19 2021

MAXXI, Museum of Contemporary Art, Re:define the boundaries. Prize for Art & Artificial Intelligence. May, 2021.

February 14 2021

Awarded the re:humanism Prize for Art & Artificial Intelligence, 2021

February 13 2021

Jan Van Eyck Academie, fellow, 2020-21

January 11 2021

Galerie Roehrs & Boetsch, Zürich: FitArt / Female Body. In-app show, launch: 08/12/2020

September 1 2020

SCHIRN KUNSTHALLE FRANKFURT: Filmreihe 2020. Screening of "Atmospheric Drafts of Intimacy". Double Feature: 30/09/2020

January 21 2021

TBA 21, Academy, The Ocean's Many Waters, Screening & panel discussion now online

September 1 2020

Löwenbräukunst, LUMA Westbau, Schwarzes Café, Zürich: Screening of "Molecular Sex", 26/09/20

August 13 2020

HYPERTENSION at Arebyte Gallery, London, Showing "How will I remember your embrace". London, curated by Phylon Lab. Opening 07/08/2020.

link here

October 1 2020

Hyundai Motor Studios, Beijing: Love and Artificial Intelligence. Opening 30/09/2020.

With !Mediengruppe Bitnik, aaajiao, Adam Harvey, Benjamin Berman & Miguel Perez, Chen Zhou, Frank Wang Yefeng, Johanna Bruckner, Jonas Lund, Liu Shiyuan, Stine Deja, Wang NewOne, He Rongkai. Curated by Jenny Chen. Show from 30/09/2020 until 01/03/2021.



September 17 2020

14/09/2020 Istituto Svizzero, Milano, Remembering your embrace, with Johanna Bruckner and Barbara Casavecchia

September 21 2020

Impossible Bodies, s-Hertogenbosch, opening 23/10

July 20 2020

Recipient of the 2020 Recognition Award for Fine Arts of Lower Austria

August 26 2020

Kunststipendien Zürich 2020, Helmhaus Zürich, 10.7.2020-31.8.2020

September 1 2020

The (In)Escapable Monotony of Pornographic Respresentations. Improper Walls, Vienna. Opening: 02/09/2020.

March 2 2020

Review on Molecular Sex by Anabelle Lacroix

Bruckner’s was one of a series of works dispersed throughout HKW in smaller spaces. Two large standing projection screens occupied the room, disposed like an open book that immersed the viewer in both sound and image. Tension between dancers on one screen was paralleled with content on the second screen that fluctuated between snippets of feminists reading a manifesto, excerpts from a sex doll documentary and other footage. Speaking with the artist about her work—which deals with the entanglement of molecular biology, the development of nanotechnologies and the shaping of our own desires—the notion of agency became central to our conversation. How can we redistribute relations and influence patterns in the making of technology to embody non-normative and non-binary perspectives? For me the subtle layering in Bruckner’s video as well as her approach to identity politics and performance on screen provided an openness and sensitivity that performed a strong queering of the idealised vision of our technofuture. The video was accompanied by a scrolling text on a small side screen, a posthuman manifesto for interspecies sexuality from sexbots and every mutating techno-organisms with simultaneous co-habiting genres. Only then society would shift from binary sex to ‘quantum-sex’. (...) The live performance embodied the choreographed elements in her video work (which are reminiscent of both music videos and contemporary dance) layered with short excerpts of found footage and 3D renderings of a three-legged dancing creature, with meditative watery sounds and an occasional chorus. Many of the questions posed in Bruckner’s work also relate to ideas of networks and ecologies of trust and of care that were echoed in other works in the exhibition and later discussed in the symposium program that go beyond the scope of this review. There was a general consensus during the closing panel of the transmediale symposium that discussions had not reached any conclusions. This is telling of the amount of work there is to be done if we want to bring change to the development of society in relation to the limitations of new media technologies. This was clear at the end of the panel, in relation to an audience question reflecting on post-colonial and feminist perspectives as a shift in the field, asking about what strategies we could put in place to generate change beyond the surface. This is the kind of structural change that is needed—as intersectional feminist Nina Lykke once said in relation to her power as a Caucasian academic, sometimes one has to think about what we can give up and how we can make space. On Show at Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin, transmediale 2020. Review in Art&Australia, 02/2020.

January 3 2020

HASH AWARD, Zentrum für Kunst und Medien, Karlsruhe (nominated). Performance: 21/02/2020, ZKM.

February 9 2020

Our Loves Are Not Only Human, Opening: 20/02/2020, Digital Solitude, Stuttgart

October 21 2019

Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin, transmediale 2020, End to End. Opening: 28/01/2020

January 3 2020

Interview: Techno-Sex-Bots: Molecular Sex, Synthetic Love and Quantum Bodies

February 9 2020

CTM / transmediale at Berghain, Berlin, Performance Sympoetic Desires, 29/01/2020

November 6 2019

Schloss Akademie Solitude / ZKM: Engineering Care, Web Residency, November 2019.

October 7 2019

23/01/20: Kunstraum Niederösterreich, Wien, Quantum Brittle Stars, Performance

March 10 2019

57 Venice Biennale, 2019, Molecular Ghosts of Love at Cinema Teatro Italia, Venice, Opening 9 May

October 17 2019

SEA Foundation Tilburg, Digital Artist-in-Residence, October 2019

April 17 2019

Istituto Svizzero, Rome, Artist-in-Residence, 2019-20

June 26 2019

Johanna Bruckner: BRITTLE STARS, Q8, Cologne. Opening 23 August

August 12 2019

NIDA ART COLONY: artist in residence, August 2019

May 6 2019

Digital Dramatizations: Ecologies from the Future, Center for Contemporary Art, Plovdiv, Bulgaria, Opening: 4 May

April 17 2019

Bodies beyond currencies, Lecture performance by Johanna Bruckner, Plateaux Festival, CH, 20 April

May 2 2019

"Small Projects for Coming Communities", Opening: 11 May, Stuttgart

April 17 2019

Molecular Ghosts in Love: Lecture by Johanna Bruckner, Valand Art Academy, Gotheborg, 17 May

November 2 2018

17 November: Displaying Cinematography: (Un-)Building Walls. Johanna Bruckner, Marie-France Rafael, Clemens von Wedemeyer, Architecture Biennale Venice

January 3 2019

CAC Centre d’art contemporain Genève, 5th Floor, solo project, February 2019

January 25 2019

February 2019: CAC at artgeneve presenting 5th floor / Six Doors

March 1 2019

15 March - 28 April: Q8, Cologne, Act

March 1 2019


September 5 2018

7 September: EIGEN+ART LAB Galerie, Nomadic Bodies, Opening, Berlin

December 21 2017

Co-launch of BLOCC Building Leverage Over Creative Capitalism

Next public presentation: a circuit of workshops at HBK Bern & ZHdK Zürich, 2018

August 5 2018

Perspektivwechsel #5, Galerie EIGEN+ART LAB, Artist Talk, 11 September

November 6 2017

KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin

REALTY: Workshop hosted by the Sommerakademie Paul Klee fellowship program in conversation with Tirdad Zolghadr

September 16 2018

Berlin Art Week: EIGEN+ART Lab, Performance TERRA X, 28 September

November 2 2018

18 November: Venice Biennale 2018, Giardini, Venice, "Scaffolding Desires" by Johanna Bruckner & Sandra Oehy, Performing Architecture, Goethe Institute Milano

May 19 2018


August 9 2018

24 August: Johanna Bruckner & Tyler Coburn, Opening, OnCurating Project Space, Zürich

November 17 2017

Sommer Akademie Paul Klee Fellowship

Over the period of Summer 2017 to Spring 2019, the Sommerakademie Paul Klee Bern grants fellowships to eight artists committed to issues spelled out in the REALTY program.

April 15 2018

All so Near: Textiled Bodies, China Girls and Archi-Finance. Künstlerhaus FAKTOR Hamburg

April 28 2018

12 May: Galerie Reflector Contemporary: Performance: Toxicoloy Reports

November 2 2018

28 November: EIGEN+ART Lab, Berlin: CHEERS, opening

November 17 2017

Black Mountain College, Zürich, Workshop & Performance, Opening, 19 April, 2018

May 22 2018

25–27 May 2018, Symposium Revisiting Black Mountain, ZHdK

Cross-discinplinary Experiments and Their Potential For Democratization (in Times of Post-Democracy)

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March 30 2018

5 April, 2018, Opening: Hyperbodies: Johanna Bruckner, Reflector Contemporary Gallery, solo, Bern

April 15 2018

Deichtorhallen Hamburg, Sammlung Falkenberg, Arbeitsstipendium Bildende Kunst, Hamburg, 2018

Opening: 9 February, 2018
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April 15 2018

Panel discussion, Kunsthaus Hamburg: I too, have been seduced by the promise of exposure

December 6 2018

LOWLAND Magazin, Edition 4, with an interview by Johanna Bruckner, Künstlerhaus Stuttgart

May 22 2018

Research encounter 25-27 May: "Maritime Poetics: from Coast to Hinterland"

December 30 2017

Maritimes spaces, history and poetics, Corner College, 25-27 May, 2018

December 30 2017

From loss to survivals: on reconstruction and trans-missions of artistic gestures, 2018

Franklin University, Intervalla, Volume 5, Switzerland, with my text contribution The Building: a scaffold, a score. Exercises in re-materialisation

June 13 2018

Terra Vague: Against the Ghosts of Land. Performance, HafenCity Hamburg, July 2108

November 25 2017

Untertage - im Waldhuus, 2018, Opening: 09.12.2017, Panel discussion: 7 January 2018

November 17 2017

Westwerk Hamburg, Video Club 17, 7-10 December

VIDEO Club knüpft an die 1999 gegründete, gleichnamige Präsentationsplattform der Hamburger Kunsthalle für Videokunst an.

April 15 2018

Kino Rex, Bern: KUNST UND FILM

November 17 2017

Kino Metropolis, Hamburg

The Building, a scaffold, a score: Screening of selected work by Johanna Bruckner, 31 October, 2017

November 17 2017

Collaboration with Caro Baumann, ongoing, presentation 2018

November 17 2017


Project, ongoing. A scaffold refers both to physical labour on the construction site as well as to the algorithmic scaffold, or framework, as both method and object in algorithmic infrastructure and logistics constitute the tools alongside which abstract, social and cooperative peformances are emerging.